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Gloves for juxtaposing LDR couples

In addition to smooth communication, one important element in a relationship is the existence of an intimacy. Physical closeness can make harmony in your relationship increase. Then, how to pair who are doing long distance relationship (LDR)?

Communication problems have been answered with the phone and a variety of chat and video call applications that can satisfy the longing for the couple. Cashfloat
But many couples are still not satisfied if do not touch each other. Now, no need to sad anymore because there is a sophisticated technology that is destined for LDR couple.

A pair of high-tech gloves named Flex-N-Feel will erase the worries of LDR couples. The technology developed at the Laboratory of Carman Neustaedter University of Simon Fraser, Canada is making couples in different places able to do physical activities they want. Gloves are made up of two objects, one response-sender glove and one response-receiver glove.

"Users of gloves can perform body gestures, such as holding hands, touching faces, and hugging," explains Neustaedter, professor at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT), Simon Fraser University.

Neustaedter explained that the sensors in the two different gloves are connected to a micro controller that will emit the sensor on the receiver's gloves using a Wi-Fi module. Neustaedter added, "The movement of bending and flexing the fingers is a gentle way to mimic a touch."

The gloves used today are still in the basic shape and there will still be further tests. Neustaedter also explained that if a set of gloves can be used for one-way touch, two sets of gloves can certainly be used for two directions.

Not only these gloves, Neustaedter Laboratory is also developing a system that can make a person look as if through both eyes of his partner and other systems that can broadcast directly the activities of a person to his partner.

"Long-distance relationships are very common today, but the distance should not be an obstacle to feel the physical presence of a person. If a couple cannot be physically together, we hope we can create technology that provides a solution to the problem," Neustaedter said.